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Welcome to Fairlawn Equestrian, family run full service dressage and jumping facility for the training of performance horses. Quality horse care is our top priority and we will look after your horse as if they were one of our own! Beautifully situated in the heart of Brentwood Bay, Fairlawn Equestrian Centre is nestled on a 36 acre farm overlooking the lake with a walking path. We are close to many trail riding adventures, as well as minutes from the ferry and airports, 15 minutes to downtown Victoria, and our local show grounds is around the corner.


Our multidisciplinary approach provides a well rounded training environment for both horses and riders and really allows for the creation of an individualized program. At Fairlawn Equestrian, we are committed to learning both for ourselves and our riding community and regularly run clinics with trainers from the US and Europe to keep our training correctly focused and fresh.


Our passion at Fairlawn Equestrian Centre has always been on the development of young performance horses. Through the building of the equestrian centre our focus will be on producing horses for the sport of dressage and jumping. Our team of riders have skills in both disciplines, allowing the horses to get a very well rounded education, we emphasize good basics and cross training with all of our horses.

The cornerstone of our program at Fairlawn Equestrian Centre is based on good horsemanship and care of our equine partners and a solid foundation of the basics of dressage. These basics allow us to develop our horses for happy riding careers as dressage or jumping horses.

Facilities & Services

Large Bright WeCover Indoor with 14 stall barn
  • Oversized 12×14 stalls with Comfort
  • Stall Mattress System w attached walk outs
  • Top Quality footing with GGT Textile
    Large outdoor with well maintained sand Nike mix footing
Qualtiy Horse Care
  • 4 feeds/day – including a late night check and hay after 8pm, excellent quality import and local hay
  • 2 grain feedings a day Otter Coop, included Step 7 vitamins and flax
  • Owners Onsite
Performance Training
  • Hot and Cold wash rack inside the barn with 2 tack up areas
  • Heated tack room with generous lockers
  • Heated Lounge, feed room, blanket drying room, bathroom with shower
  • Large laundry machines for blankets etc – $5/load